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My campaign's platform is built on our youth and our community.


Many politicians reference what's happening in our government and promise to effect change if elected. I for one am not content to wait until I'm elected to make that change. 

I put my best foot forward, daily, to represent the hardworking and talented people that make our community great.


Job Creation

Small businesses have suffered tremendously throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and many have been priced or pushed out. Everytime we lose a local business we not only leave a vacant storefront behind - we lose jobs and a critical economic supporter of our community. Mom and pop stores are vital and make New York intrinsically New York. Supporting and protecting these local businesses is vital to our economic recovery and at the forefront of my policy.


As an advocate of both business growth and job development, I will be a fierce defender of our small businesses and will work to continue to reduce unemployment across New York State.



So often the underrepresented in our community are those too young to have a voice, and—in New York City—this includes the underfunded schools that educate them and services that support them. It’s for this reason, the government must act mindfully of today’s youth and ensure that policy benefits our public school systems and the lives of young New Yorkers.

Supporting parental choice in deciding their child's education, keeping class sizes small with better student-teacher ratios, and fighting to end bullying and protecting our at-risk youth are all at the core of my policiy.

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Economic Development

My plan for revitalizing our city's economy starts with tax incentives for new businesses who choose to set up in NYC. This includes free or low rent in currently vacant government offices buildings with 50 percent safe occupancy NYC tax credits. Each occupant will bring millions of dollars of revenue and on a millions of dollars of employment to our city and district.


We need to understand that even in a progressive city, such as New York, we need conservative fiscal economic policies to get us through these trying times. We don’t have have unlimited streams of revenue. Reducing or eliminating the current income tax is crucial to getting our city and our community back on the path to success.



I know full well the issues facing the residents of our community.


Adequate, available, and affordable housing are essential to keeping a district like ours livable and thriving. As a candidate for City Council in District 13, I am the only contender in this race with plans to actively pursue and support the restoration and development of housing in our neighborhood. 

Restoring illegally converted apartments back to the market, ending the warehousing of apartments, and encouraging new developments within our district for people in our district are a few of the many ways in which I plan to fight for tenants while encouraging developers to support and improve our neighborhoods.


Public Safety

New York’s increase in crime deserves a balanced approach to public safety while simultaneously fighting to end "bail reform." We must tackle the rise in robberies and burglaries in New York, while also addressing the root cause.


As a City Council Member, I will make sure law enforcement is working with mental health professionals to ensure we aren’t criminalizing people who need medical attention.


We must simultaneously attack gun violence and work to keep repeat offenders off our streets. My commitment as Councilman is to work tirelessly to repeal cashless bail as well as to fund community-building initiatives that focus on youth intervention and de-escalation as well as workforce development programs.

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