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Kristy was born, raised, and educated right here in the Bronx.  She understands this community because she truly embodies District 13.  Kristy grew up in Throggs Neck and, as an adult, lived in both Pelham Bay and Country Club. Currently she resides in Morris Park. Alongside her husband, she decided to raise their daughter here so she can have similar life experiences like they both had growing up in District 13.  


Kristy is a wife, mother and healthcare worker who has served this community for 16 years. She has extensive background in training and educating medical personnel as well as working with a team of highly skilled individuals to devise a plan of action for patients when they are at their most vulnerable.   


Currently our community and our city is in its most vulnerable state.  Kristy will be the assertive advocate that our district needs.  She will help provide solutions and ideas for the issues and problems that our community is currently facing. 


Even though we live in a big city, our district still has small town needs. Kristy will protect our quality of life, fight for our public safety and advocate for better education for our children.


Kristy is running for City Council because our district is in dire need for proper representation within the City Council.  She will be the voice that our community needs.

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